Happy Halloween!

By heather at 11:12 am on Sunday, October 31, 2010

heather castles halloween illustration trick or treat kids skeleton ballerina pirate illustration

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween :) We’ll be going to the hospital to visit my son Hank, who is doing very well by the way, is two weeks old now, and over his birth weight weighing 850grams. Then doing a little trick-or-treating with Hera later in the day. She keeps saying “Thank you for Halloween!” and carrying her little jack-o-lantern around the house. We’ll be doing a little colouring as well, have a fabulous Halloween colouring page from Crystal Driedger… check it out here!

The above Halloween illustration is available royalty-free on ImageZoo.com.

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Sketchbook Pro | finger painting study of feet

By heather at 1:24 am on Monday, October 4, 2010


My second go using Sketchbook Pro (my first go being to digitally colour this scanned pen illustration) was fun, just did a study of my feet while watching the tv (yes, they are bare in the winter, yes I am pregnant!) This is the first time I’ve done something painterly with digital medium and was pleased with how it turned out… but was a bit more awkward this time around using my finger to draw with, especially for finer details, so am looking forward to picking up a stylus.

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