Mumbai Waterfront Property | Part 3

By heather at 3:23 am on Tuesday, June 8, 2010

heather castles mumbai painting

hera castles painting

I’ve had a busy couple months (work & travel), sorry no time for blogging! Here’s a peek at the progress on my Mumbai Waterfront painting… spent less than an hour on it, mainly added in grays and neutrals while supervising my toddler! It’s fun painting alongside Hera, who this time requested I paint her dragons to paint-in… and occasionally added a blob of paint to my canvas.

heather castles acrylic painting indiaheather castles acrylic painting india

P.S. I’ll post soon some packaging I recently illustrated for a boutique cheese brand in the States, am very pleased with them, but want to wait till the product is launched before showing them here :)

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