Mumbai Waterfront Property | Part 1

By heather at 1:57 am on Friday, February 26, 2010

heather castles acrylic painting india mumbai waterfront

I’ve just started on a new painting for our living room from a photo we took in Mumbai, India three years ago (below.) I’m working with acrylic as they are safer to work with around my toddler than oils. And we can share so setup isn’t a big deal a squirt of paint for Hera, and a squirt of paint for Mommy! The only challenge is keeping Hera from helping me paint my painting, hee hee. The lovely thing about working in acrylic is it dries so quickly, so I’m able to hang it right back up on the wall and be able to consider my next “moves” between paint sittings.

heather castles photo india mumbai waterfront slum

hera castles toddler painting

As you can see, after about 40 minutes Hera was tuckered out, so was a very short & sweet painting time!

Tip : Something I learned from Kiff Holland while in college, painting your canvas a bold colour to prime it gives you a fun surface to work on. As you paint over top, leave little flecks of the original bright colour peeking through here and there to give some zing to your painting!

heather castles acrylic painting india mumbai waterfront

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Comment by Addie

November 22, 2010 @ 7:56 pm

The picture of your little girl working hard after painting made me laugh! I came across your site after I googled toddler painting for a class presentation. I love the teal canvas pictured above. I am a novice when it comes to painting but I love to paint with my kiddos at school (I teach 2 year olds) and also with my own kids (6 years and 5 months). Can you walk me through the steps you took when you painted the teal painting? Thanks!

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Comment by megha

April 18, 2011 @ 7:58 pm

loved this painting of urs..
i had love for paintin when i was young..but as i grew up, i lost the touch, may be becoz of the pressure of academics that built over me..
i now want to return to my world of ARTS and it would be nice if u could help me telling from where to start.. with some tips n advice..
looking forward for ur response..
Best wishes!!

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