Elly MacKay | Mini Theatre Illustrations

By heather at 1:05 am on Monday, February 22, 2010

elly mackay mini theatre illustrations swan

I really love Elly MacKay’s mini-theatre scenes… the warm lighting, the colours, the linework, the way she captures a storybook feel in her scenes. You really have to check out her website, her scenes of children have a beautiful old-but-new feel to them.

elly mackay mini theatre illustrations swan

P.S. My new Chickadee painting by Elly is lovingly in Hera’s room.

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[…] I asked my cousin, Elly, if I could share her tranquil shadow box illustrations here on my blog… I just love how her fine arts background comes out in her illustrations. Her sensitivity to lighting, coupled with a nostalgic style brings a refined beauty to her illustrations. You can get in touch with Elly and see more of her beautiful work up on her website. Filed under: inspiration — […]

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