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By heather at 1:04 am on Sunday, January 17, 2010

I stumbled upon Polyvore a couple months ago, and have found it really intriguing (and a bit flattering!) seeing digital crafters using some of my artwork in their collages. Polyvore is meant to be a sort of interactive magazine, where you create your own visual style collections “Mix & match products from your favorite stores.” Then you can “Shop looks created by the web’s largest fashion community” by browsing through links provided to where the images originally came from. But from looking through how the site is actually being used, there are a lot of very personal collages being created which have absolutely nothing to do with fashion! It’s so interesting how these things develop and grow beyond their original intent. While it was a bit disconcerting at first seeing my illustrations used without my permission, I like that Polyvore is very good about putting up links to and crediting the artists of the original “pieces” within the collages.

heather castles illustration polyvore

heather castles illustration polyvore

The above collage, “Together…” by WendyG Short Hair Contest!, uses a drawing I did of myself and a woman I met in India who guided me through the wells of Abhaneri (shown in the film The Fall.) Also by the same artist is “Opa’s Best Friend” which uses a teddy I illustrated for my diary of Hera’s stuff. The collage below, “i.am.dreaming, let.me.never.awake” by light.my.saphire, uses my art nouveau inspired butterfly drawing.

heather castles illustration polyvore

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