Spotty & Eddie Visit PercÚ | How to digitally colour a pencil drawing

By heather at 6:07 pm on Friday, November 27, 2009

spotty eddie visit percÚ rock quebec sketches children's book photoshop tutorial

I’ve done this tutorial before, but wanted to show in a little more detail how easy it is to tint with colour a graphite pencil drawing in Photoshop. This example is from the children’s book I’m currently working on, Spotty & Eddie Visit PercÚ. (First off though I’ll apologize for my fluctuating spelling of the word “Colour.” Being Canadian that’s how we spell it… but Photoshop uses American spelling, but I just can’t help my English grammar sometimes!)

1) Scan the pencil drawing at 300dpi 100%. Then open in Photoshop, and resave as a PSD file.

spotty eddie visit percÚ rock quebec sketches children's book photoshop tutorial

2) In this sketch I want a pure white background. Instead of erasing the background, I used the magic wand to select the background, feathered the edges, and then on a new layer filled the selection with white. This leaves me the option to later change the white to a coloured background. (Read on …)

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Riley’s Lost Tooth | Off to the printer!

By heather at 2:46 pm on Friday, November 13, 2009

riley's lost tooth children's book cover fairy dogs puppies illustration watercolour

All of the hard work is done… the InDesign files are packaged, zipped, and FTP’d, and now Riley’s Lost Tooth is now in the hands of our printer! It’s been exactly twelve months to the day, from my initial quote for the illustrations, to reading the manuscript, to sketches, to watercolor painting, to layout and finally to preparing the files for the printer. Even now the journey isn’t complete as copyright has to be arranged, ISBN registered, and a myriad of checks to go through on the printer’s end before it is finally in our hands. But on my end of things the process is finished and I just have to wait patiently to see how it all turns out! While it feels like the end of the process, it’s actually just the start for this book, whose life will start once it actually hits the shelves in a few months.

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