Good-bye, Baby Max | Talking to Kids About Death

By heather at 4:39 am on Saturday, June 28, 2008

I just read an interesting article by Angie Wagner over at AOL Australia Lifestyle on Talking to Kids About Death. Wagner has interviewed Diane Cantrell, author of our book “Good-bye, Baby Max,” which is about a kindergarten classroom who deals with the loss of their classroom pet. Diane provides a lovely honest perspective on talking about death with little kids, offering the advice to not be afraid of discussing it with your children.

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The Little Boy’s Smile | Available Online!

By heather at 3:22 pm on Monday, June 23, 2008

Woooo, Tom’s & my book, “The Little Boy’s Smile,” is now available online for US$10.99! I haven’t seen a hardcopy of the book yet myself, can’t wait!

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Borders | Coupon for 3 for 2 on kids books

By heather at 8:07 pm on Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another great coupon from Borders came in the email today, yippee, 3-for-2 kids books! Here’s the link to where you can download it. (Exp. June 12.)

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Tartan Meets the Queen | Inside Buckingham Palace

By heather at 4:51 pm on Thursday, June 5, 2008

buckingham palace grand hall staircase state dining room throneroom ballroom

I just finished the last illustration for Charline & Lauren’s picturebook, “Tartan Meets the Queen.” Yippee! This one was a lot of fun drawing… I liked putting the squirrel in different places… sliding down the banister, sitting on the throne, peaking out from behind the chandellier. After drawing the illustrations in pencil (below), it was satisfying colouring in all of the “bling” with a few tinting layers of colour in Photoshop (above.)

buckingham palace grand hall staircase state dining room throneroom ballroom

So now we’re just going through doing some final edits to the book layout, then it will be off to the printers! (Read on …)

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Just One More Book | Love of Reading Logo Call for Entries

By heather at 5:36 am on Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My favourite children’s book review podcast, Just One More Book, is coming up to it’s 400th episode this July… and to celebrate the love of reading they’ve invited children’s book illustrators to come up with a logo for their website. Mark & Andrea are a lovely couple whose love of reading with their children is truly apparant through their podcasts… they’ve received some great submissions already, including this awesome one by one of my favourite illustrators/writers, Oliver Jeffers… as well as artwork by some very tallented kiddies! Deadline for entries is June 15th, 2008… Happy drawing!

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