Bonkers Orphan Works Act of 2008

By heather at 5:27 am on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At first I was horrified to read this post on Drawn! about the Orphan Works Act and the adverse affects it could have on protecting illustration copyrights. But then I started reading some of the responses to said post, and came across Dan Heller’s writeup  which served me up some humble pie, as I realized I had taken on this doom & gloom perspective on the act without actually reading it myself! So I recommend to other illustrators out there who have heard of this act and have had a similar lump-in-your-throat reaction to it that I did… have a read of the actual act, or Dan’s dissection of it, then make up your mind! As for me, I don’t feel so worried about it… I’ll just keep making sure my work has my name on it, and do what I can to not make it easy for people to steal my images online or otherwise.

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