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By heather at 1:56 am on Wednesday, March 12, 2008

colour color picker software mypantone pantone

I’ve been testing out the myPANTONE online account coupled with their colour picker software, as I wanted to start saving palettes from my illustrations for future use.

colour color picker software mypantone pantone

The myPANTONE online account is kind of fun, in the sense that you’re part of a colour loving community with a lot of colour inspiration available to you. The best part is sharing & collecting colour palettes… I’ve created an account and am sharing palettes from my children’s book illustrations.

colour color picker software mypantone pantone

When you click on any individual palette, you can see the palette in more detail… rolling over the swatches brings up their Pantone and RGB values. You can also upload an image that inspired the palette, as well as tag your palettes with keywords that describe it, so it’s easier for others to find. The futuristic sound effects every time you load the page is kind of irritating though.

colour color picker software mypantone pantone

The myPANTONE colour picker software is pretty easy to use… you can either create palettes from a colour wheel, or select an image and choose from it 12 swatches of colours to create your palette. The tabbed navigation is not user-friendly, as there is no text, just an obscure square patch of colour… you have to wait for the mouse-over text to pop up to see what the tab is for.

My main beef with it is that you can’t select more than 12 swatches of colour… and I use about 20+ colours to colour an entire children’s book digitally, so it isn’t quite the best all around colour picker for me. For my personal use, I may have to stick to creating my swatches in Photoshop and saving the palettes after each project… and just use the myPANTONE account & software for sharing & finding inspiration for colour.

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Comment by Koldo Barroso

March 13, 2008 @ 1:04 am

Sharing palettes is something I can’t quite understand. I won’t critisize it because I just can’t understand it, I think the colors we use are something too personal and unique to share, but that’s just my personal view. It looks to me like wearing someone else’s skin.

On the other hand I admit that looking at other people’s palettes can be very inspiring.

I know of another popular site to share palettes on line:

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Comment by Chris

February 7, 2010 @ 10:30 pm

Here is a good resource for color picking software

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