Little Land Adventures Book 1 | Available Online!

By heather at 2:42 pm on Saturday, February 9, 2008

little land adventures childrens book illustrations animals cute

Yippee, another one of my children’s books has hit the virtual shelves… The James Family’s “Little Land Adventures” is now available online at! Book 1 features the adventures of Little Bird, Little Iguana, Little Racoon, and Little Pig… four of the many characters that live in Little Land! These illustrations were a lot of fun to do…. illustrated entirely with a plain old HB graphite pencil, then tinted with a little colour in Photoshop (check out my Photoshop tutorial here.)

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I Heart Michael Cera

By heather at 3:51 pm on Friday, February 8, 2008

michael cera fan art illustration sketch juno

I actually had time last night to just doodle a little fan art in front of the tv (being nine months pregnant has its perks!) Thought I’d share with the world that I just love Michael Cera… fell in love with him when he played awkward teenager George Michael Bluth in Arrested Development (best… show… ever…) and have enjoyed following his acting career since. From the web series Clark & Michael to the lovable flick Juno, the Canadian actor brings an adorable man-child sincerity to his characters.

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Tartan Meets the Queen | First few illustrations…

By heather at 7:32 pm on Friday, February 1, 2008

tartan queen elizabeth children's book illustrations

Today I finished four of the 12 illustrations for children’s book “Tartan Meets the Queen,” by Charline Crous & Lauren Everton… thought I’d share a sneak peak!

tartan queen elizabeth children's book illustrations

So these illustrations start out as just plain old graphite pencil drawings (above), and I tint them with colour digitally in Photoshop.

tartan queen elizabeth children's book illustrations

I’m LOVING the new paper I’m using for this book, it’s a very smooth, white bristol-type board… much nicer to draw with pencil on than cold-press illustration board.

tartan queen elizabeth children's book illustrations

tartan queen elizabeth children's book illustrations

I also discovered a new favourite tool… the Staedtler “Mars rasor” eraser pencil with brush. It’s one of those hard erasers, and it’s lovely because I can sharpen it to erase those tiny little details that are hard to get crisp with a kneaded or rubber eraser.

staedtler mars rasor pencil eraser

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“Tartan Meets the Queen” © Charline Crous & Lauren Everton, Illustrations © Heather Castles

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