Two days till the wedding!

By heather at 5:04 pm on Thursday, January 3, 2008

wedding illustration bride shoes cake groom dancing

This has been one of the busiest holiday seasons for me EVER… from having family visiting for the last month to the usual bustle around Christmas, it’s been pretty full-on! The crazy season is quickly coming to a close though, with the last hurrah being my brother-in-law’s wedding this Saturday, can’t wait!

wedding illustration bride shoes cake groom dancing

Next week it’s back to business as usual… which for me means opening the new year with illustrating two children’s books and a few greeting cards… so check back again, will have more work to show!

wedding illustration bride shoes cake groom dancing

(Royalty-free wedding illustrations available at

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Simply Green | Danny Seo’s Daily Calendar

By heather at 4:07 pm on Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I was stoked yesterday to pass a calendar stand selling off stock for half price, and scored by finding Danny Seo’s new eco-daily calendar “Do Just One Thing.” Part of my daily blog intake is checking out Danny Seo’s blog, Simply Green… I just love his down-to-earth approach to greener living (and decorating!) Danny’s daily calendar is no different, with each new day sporting tips for greening your lifestyle. It’s thoughtfully printed on recycled paper & on a recyclable stand… even the backs of each page are printed with lines for Notes, so you can reuse the pages before you recycle them. So if you’re shopping for an ‘08 calendar, I’d recommend this one!

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2008 Illustrations | Year In Review

By heather at 1:11 am on Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here’s a look at the 79 illustrations I completed in 2007 (clicking on the image above will bring up a bigger picture!) This year was a change of pace for me, with switching gears from full-time illustrator to full-time mum! I’ve loved the joys of having our little girl, Hera, in our lives, and have felt lucky to be able to continue to illustrate in my spare time a few hours a week. I managed to illustrated two new children’s books (The Little Boy’s Smile and Tartan Meets the Queen); 3 greeting card illustrationsdrawings inspired from our trip to India in 2007; and more recently started an Illustrated Diary of Hera’s Stuff.

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