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By heather at 5:17 pm on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The illustrations for Nina Saab’s “Bookie & The Scoliosis Diagnosis” are coming along well… here’s peak at one of the finished interior illustrations.

scoliosis illustration children ballet

Heather Castles / Nina Saab

I tried a different approach this time that seems to be working for me : after transfering the sketches via artograph onto the illustration board, I went over each illustration darkening all the linework (with an ocre brown) so that I had very clear outlines to work within, almost like a colouring book. Then I carefully laid down the colours I wanted… making sure to not go outside of the lines like my Ma taught me when I was a kid! Normally I like to start really loosely by putting the watercolour washes down roughly first, then tighten up afterwards. But I’ve found illustration board isn’t as forgiving as watercolour paper (it stains easily,) so putting down really deliberate linework, then carefully placing the first wash of watercolour, meant I didn’t have as much pencil work to do later to make the illustration pop, saving me time.

On a personal note… I think the baby particularly likes this story, as it seems to kick around quite a bit while I’m illustrating it in the mornings! I’m 22 weeks pregnant now, and with my growing belly I’m finding I’m not able to hunch over quite as much as I did before when painting… good for my posture I guess!

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