Adelaide Illustrators Get Together at The British

By heather at 4:25 pm on Thursday, June 14, 2007

I went to my first get together of IMBIBE (Illustrators Must Be In Bed Early), a meeting of Adelaide Illustrators at The British hotel & pub last night… and boy was it FUN! There were about 21 people there, from illustrators to authors, and it was great talking shop, swapping tips, comparing illustration rates, finding out how things are going in all corners of the business.

I stumbled onto this group through Greg Holfeld (see illustration above), another Canadian illustrator here in Adelaide, who I met through a colleague of my husbands…talk about six degrees of seperation!

I had a good chat with established artist Graham McArthur, who does lovely textured illustrations. (see illustration above)

I met Murray Van, who has sold 4 million children’s books! He does the drawings for these busy illustrations, then has his wife or daughtor colour them in photoshop while he’s working on the next! (see illustration above)

Roger Roberts was another friendly illustrator, all too glad to give advice. (see illustration above)

I met Harry Slaghekke, who teaches a course here in Adelaide, and was very willing to give advice on the industry here in Australia and who to talk to about getting into publishing. (see illustration above)

And I met Robin Eley, who brought in his portfolio and a few of his original paintings… and he’s only been painting for a year, but OH MY, his quality of work is something to aspire to. (see illustration above)

So… needless to say, I came home very inspired and charged up being around so many tallented illustrators! Am really looking forward to next months meeting!

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