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By heather at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 9, 2007

green my apple

I was so happy to read this today! After only a few months since Greenpeace’s Green My Apple Campaign, Steve Jobs has delivered the best news we could hope for… a greener apple! Way to go Steve, keep up the good work!

A couple hours ago, Apple put a banner with the words “A Greener Apple” on the front page of its website, linking to a personal letter from Steve Jobs. In it he says in effect that Apple’s consumers, employees, shareholders and the industry “want us to be a leader in [becoming greener], just as we are in the other areas of our business. So today we’re changing our policy.”

That’s right, people: you’ve done it — you’ve moved Apple.

It’s not everything we asked for. Apple has declared a phase out of the worst chemicals in its product range, Brominated Fire Retardants (BFRs) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) by 2008. That beats Dell and other computer manufactures’ pledge to phase them out by 2009. Way to go Steve!

Steve has promised greater transparency, and more changes - excellent outcomes.

But while customers in the US will be able to return their Apple products for recycling knowing that their gear won’t end up in the e-waste mountains of Asia and India, Apple isn’t making that promise to anyone else. Elsewhere in the world, an Apple product today can still be tomorrow’s e-waste. Other manufacturers offer worldwide takeback and recycling. Apple should too!…

And let’s thank Steve jobs for this: “Today is the first time we have openly discussed our plans to become a greener Apple. It will not be the last.” Please blog your appreciation to Steve Jobs, and your hope that he’ll go even further in Greening Apple to the core! Green My Apple Campaign

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