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By heather at 4:45 am on Thursday, March 15, 2007

Illustration by Heather Castles (MacKay) Image Craft, Inc. (Hallmark)

Bird Family
Brand : Thoughtful Moments Birthday Card D61441
Medium : Watercolour & pencil
Printing specs : hexachrome colour printing, Z-fold
Client : Image Craft, Inc. (Hallmark)

I created this illustration within the first few weeks of working for Image Craft… back when I thought I had to take my work home with me (because I illustrated by hand and it took more time) to keep up with the other designers who were creating digital artwork on the computer! I wised up pretty quickly, and started bringing in my paints to work with me and sparked among the designers the trend of painting & drawing beside our Macs, scanning the final artwork the moment the paint dried.

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