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By heather at 9:31 pm on Saturday, March 10, 2007

This made me happy today… the EPA’s Cradle to Cradle challenge spawned the design of the Bevelope, and envelope that is truly green (though it looks manilla.)

“…the Bevelope, a beveled envelope representing a collaborative effort between Microsoft, Allen Schluger Company and Shorewood Packaging. Incorporating 100-percent post-consumer-recycled-content paperboard, biodegradable inks and a biodegradable water-based adhesive, the key features in the design of the package are the bevels that allow it to expand and contract as necessary. Able to accommodate products with different thicknesses, such as paperback books and other printed materials, the Bevelope collapses after use and is light in weight. The bevels are said to help hold products within the center of the package, providing a cushion around the edges of the items during transit…

…The Cradle to Cradle Design Challenge attracted more than 1,000 people to its website, with entries submitted by students, packaging and industrial designers and manufacturers from North America. More information is available on EPA’s website…”
Packaging Digest

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