Creating Seashell Mosaics

By heather at 10:30 pm on Friday, February 23, 2007

I’m just getting started on a few more shell mosaics. Went to IKEA and they were sold out of the large frames! So I’m doing four little guys. And I’m gettin’ smart after a couple of these…

…purchased shells in bulk from a fossil / shell shop (it’s apparantly illegal to collect shells here in Australia, oops!)
…now cut down the illustration board (which I glue the shells to) to the dimensions of the matte…that way I don’t have to afix a smaller piece to the matte. (shells can get heavy, so having a larger piece spreads out the weight over more surface area)
…bought a glue gun to use instead of white glue (was only $13 for the one with the lowest voltage,) a good investment I think, as I won’t have to wait for the shells to dry in place overnight between sessions, I can glue them down all in one sitting
…use the matte to trace the window lightly with pencil onto the illustration board where the shells need to be glued within
…used the scraps from the illustration board to make a paper frame to help keep the shells from slipping outside the window area before the glue dries

To see some examples of the finished product, check out :

Sea Shell Artwork 2

Shell Artwork 1

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