Sleepover Party gone to print!

By heather at 7:35 pm on Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My latest illustrated children’s book has gone to print this morning, how exciting! Was the first young adult story to illustrate, and was a lot of fun coming up with what all the girls in the story would wear. ‘Sleepover Party’ is being published by Second Story Press, and is a very cute account of a little girl Rose, who has invited all her friends over for a sleepover. BUT, two of her friends are kinda popular, and don’t like Rose’s best friend, Stacey…and they tell Rose if Stacey is invited, they won’t come! Ah, the drama of being a kid! As I read it I just enjoyed how the story really captures the random fears & thoughts that go through kids heads as they deal with what life dishes out to them. It was a lot of fun to illustrate.

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