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By heather at 12:25 am on Thursday, January 4, 2007

There’s something exciting about a new year and all the possibilities ahead! I stumbled across this list of resolutions for creative professionals, and feel inspired to do some good in the year to come…really want to set aside some time to do a little artwork for myself. Here are snippets from my favourite resolutions in the article, enjoy! (and I nearly peed my pants in surprise when I read #3!)

1. Create art for art’s sake. …find the medium closest to your heart and work like a fool creating something totally wonderful with no intent of selling it, ever.

2. Do pro bono work. Somewhere out there is a community or non-profit organization looking for someone to redesign their Web site or create a logo… Find the organization that moves you and volunteer your services…

3. Commit to environmentally responsible solutions. As designers of physical stuff, we can help this old stressed earth by cutting down on waste and toxic products, by making smart choices, and by eschewing extravagance. There are tons of ways to do so cheaply, efficiently, and creatively. Start with Heather Castles’… “66 Simple Ways to Be Green“. You may become an expert in green design and pick up a few environmentally-aware clients along the way.

4. Thank the people you work with and for. We are lucky people: we get to do what we love, and people pay us to do it. Or if they don’t pay us, they assist us with services and products. Thank them. Thank them sincerely, not just now with a holiday card, but through the year as you work alongside them. It’s a nice thing, gratitude. It’s free and it makes everyone feel good. The world should be full of it.

5. Thank the people who put up with you. Let me guess, some mornings you’re a little grumpy. Sometimes when the cash isn’t flowing, you’re a little prickly. Sometimes clients and vendors drive you up the wall. And who catches the flak? It’s the people you love. So thank them for putting up with your foul moods and erratic behavior, your zany theories on art and the metaphorical eraser crumbs you leave behind. Because without those people, nothing would be worthwhile.

6. Reconnect with the love of art.
There’s a reason you got into this business, and chances are it wasn’t money. It was your love of art, how it moves you, what it means to society, and why you’re so driven to create it. Make a commitment to reconnect with the passion that got you started…

7. Teach someone… because someone taught and inspired you, because it’s too wonderful a love not to pass on, because no bond is as endearing as that of teacher and student…

…9. Create a road map to success. Dreaming it is the first step, making it happen comes next. Create a plan that includes every task you need to perform along the way to your vision. Mark the major milestones on your calendar and keep to your plan all year long. Carpe diem! Success only happens for those who make it happen. The clearer you are about goals and tasks, the better chance you’ll have of success.
– Written By Eric J. Adams |

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Goodbye, Baby Max | Fourth Layer

By heather at 3:33 am on Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I had a chance to take a few pictures today of the progress on Diane Cantrell’s “Good-bye, Baby Max”…have happily been illustrating on the couch “watching” (er, listening to) all 3 seasons of Arrested Development, and the first 2 seasons of Black Adder….I’m working on a few of these tonight so will probably just update this post rather than posting a fresh one for the 3 that are furthest behind…

(…am working on the pencil work for this one right now!)

(I think I’m happy with this one, it’s just about done) (Read on …)

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Green New Years Resolutions

By heather at 1:00 am on Monday, January 1, 2007

I’m not really one for New Years resolutions, but really liked this list of  no-waste ideas you can do to reduce our impact on the environment in the upcoming year :
• Use only cloth cleaning towels.
• Install water-saving devices in your toilet and shower.
• Walk or bicycle at least one car errand weekly.
• Use reusable cloth shopping bags (keep reusable shopping bags in your car so they will always be handy).
• Use a reusable coffee cup at work.
• Switch to compact fluorescent lights to save energy.
• Turn down the thermostat at night.
• Recycle bottles, cans, newspaper, office paper, plastic and cardboard.
• Buy recycled products.
• Compost.
• Plant at least one tree.
• Turn off the shower while you soap to save water.
• Use biodegradable laundry soap rather than petroleum-based detergents.
• Reduce use of pesticides and other hazardous household chemicals. Use safer substitutes instead.
• Write or call legislators, store managers and others to let them know how you feel about environmental issues.

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