Ideal Bite | Little Green Boys and Girls

By heather at 8:19 pm on Friday, January 5, 2007

I got this Bite today and thought it was pretty apt …As a children’s book illustrator I have a unique opportunity to encourage kids to be caring for others & the environment by adding in the little details like : recycling bins in school settings; making the main characters natural rather than unattainably beautiful; toys that are well worn & loved rather than new & flash; and I rarely show kids playing indoors with video games or on computers.

Here’s a snippit from the Ideal Bite :
“Get ‘em while they’re young - instill kids with green values through books that inspire an appreciation for nature instead of a dodgy love for all-things-material.”

The Benefits

  • “Girl goes to the mall. Girl buys dress. Girl lives happily ever after.” There are A LOT of bad children’s books out there - why not choose ones that will make them feel good without the new dress?
  • 53% of kids surveyed in a 2002 poll said buying certain products makes them feel better about themselves. Through positive children’s books, let kids know that more isn’t always better.
  • Time and again, studies show that when kids read, they do better in school.

Wanna Try?

  • Gaia Girls - teacher and grade schooler-approved and printed on recycled paper, this book follows four girls approached by an Earth in-need ($13).
  • There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars - teaches starry-eyed kids all about light pollution in the prettiest way possible ($13).
  • The Precious Present - for parents and young’uns, it’s about a boy who gets everything for Christmas but wants something that you can’t put under a tree ($13).
  • The Gift of Nothing - as soon as they leave the womb, kids are bombarded with the message that they need more stuff. This classic sets ‘em straight ($10).
  • Dawn - huge collection of books to get kids started on the eco-friendly path (prices vary).
  • Ideal Bite’s “I Speak for the Trees!” Tip - another classic - this time from Dr. Seuss - The Lorax.

This tip submitted by Joel Makower.

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Goodbye, Baby Max | Fourth Layer

By heather at 3:33 am on Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I had a chance to take a few pictures today of the progress on Diane Cantrell’s “Good-bye, Baby Max”…have happily been illustrating on the couch “watching” (er, listening to) all 3 seasons of Arrested Development, and the first 2 seasons of Black Adder….I’m working on a few of these tonight so will probably just update this post rather than posting a fresh one for the 3 that are furthest behind…

(…am working on the pencil work for this one right now!)

(I think I’m happy with this one, it’s just about done) (Read on …)

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