Christmas Cards : Mice

By heather at 1:05 am on Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Illustration by Heather Castles (MacKay) © Image Craft, Inc.
Christmas greeting card illustration & design
End Client: Image Craft Inc.
End Product : Greeting Card
Media Used To Create: Colored Pencil, Watercolor
Copyright Owner: Image Craft, Inc.
Description of the process :
I illustrated & designed this greeting card while working for Image Craft, Inc. as one on their team of designers.

And…working at Image Craft, we were often required to “rework” graphics to reuse them for other captions, so I reused this graphic by reworking it below :

Note : Image Craft, Inc. (Ontario, Canada) closed June 2006 with the bankruptsy of its parent company, Paramount Greetings (USA). The rights to the artwork I created for Image Craft has been transfered to their new owners… Hallmark. So if you happen to see this design on a new Hallmark Card…give me a buzz :) Thank goodness I’ve kept all the original artwork!

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