Purple Ribbons | working with pencil part 2

By heather at 9:53 pm on Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I’ve discovered the wonders of water soluble pencils! I started adding another coat of watercolor over some areas I darkened & lightened with pencil, and noticed my white pencil was dissolving…I was using a new white and didn’t realize this type was water soluble! Fortunately I got the hang of it pretty quickly, and discovered that it was much faster to apply hilights & lightening areas with the white pencil rather than layering with white watercolour paint. I’m still spending my time establishing form, some details are coming out but I’m mainly taking a step back and getting shadows dark enough & hilights bright enough before I go over and do those last details (like texture in the hair, eyes, etc). I’m really enjoying the back-lighting technique, especially in scenes where you don’t know where the light is coming from, it gives it a bit of a surreal feeling.

Time : 1.5 hrs

Illustrations Heather Castles
Story concept Cristina Guarneri
To see the previous step, see Purple Ribbons | working with pencil

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