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By heather at 1:54 am on Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One great way to market your children’s picture book is by starting a blog. By posting a few basic pages and periodically writing good quality posts surrounding your story, you can generate quite a bit of interest to promote your storybook through blogging. Companies such as WordPress (who host my blog!) offer blogs for free, and the online software is easy to use and quick to set up.

If you want to keep it basic, you should at least create a few pages in your blog :

  • 1) “Your Book” : be sure include a JPG of your book cover, a short synopsis of the story, the ISBN#, the date published, publisher name, and links to where it can be purchased. You could also write about what inspired you to write this story. If you have more than one book, create a page for each book.

  • 2) About the Author (that’s you!) : include your picture, bio, source for inspiration for the story, list of previously published books, and anything else that relates to YOU!
  • 3) About the Illustrator : you can include their picture, bio, link to their online portfolio, list of previously illustrated books, and anything else that relates to your illustrator.
  • 4) Shop : if you have more than one book, having one page dedicated to links & details of where these can be purchased makes it that much easier for your books to be bought!

Once you have a few basic pages up, start writing posts!

  • • Work In Progress : Ask your illustrator if they have jpgs of the sketches or illustrations in progress that you can post on your site. If there are lots of images, break them up into several posts of the work in progress.
  • • Teasers : post a few JPG spreads from your book to generate interest.
  • • Reviews of your book
  • • Invite friends, family & colleagues to visit your blog and leave feedback on your story
  • • Events :post information about upcoming events regarding your book… and then post about those events, including lots of digital photos of all the excitement!
  • • Articles on Related Topics : if your book revolves around a social topic, post synopsis of articles around that topic

General blogging tips :

  • • Link to your sources : remember to include URL links to the sources for your articles to make sure to not infringe on copyright.
  • • K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid!) : this childhood acronym is very true in this case. Keep to your original intent…to market your children’s book. It can be tempting to blog about what you had for breakfast today, but please, try to refrain. I know it’s hard…but no one cares what I had for breakfast today, so I oughtn’t write about it.
  • • Quality & Quantity : it is good to have a balance between these two… dozens of poorly written posts will do you worse than one or two well written posts. But dozens of short well written posts may do you better than one or two well written posts. A balance of both will help your blog be find more frequently through search engines.
  • • Keyword placement : be sure to crack out that thesaurus to use a variety of similar words when writing about similar things. The more variety, the more chance your blog will be found through search engines.
  • • Consistency : create a template for what information you want to include on each blog, such as copyright information, a particular image / logo, or certain fonts.

You can read a bit more about Building and Maintaining a Blog to Market Your Book at Here’s a synopsis :

“…be professional in stating your opinions. Although “rant” sites have gained great followings, be sure that your blog content and presentation are designed to appeal directly to your book’s target audience. Your blog will be one of your most public arenas, so be certain that your “appearances” there support your overall marketing goals.

By keeping your overall marketing goals in mind and planning an effective strategy for generating and maintaining user interest in your site, your blog can become a home base for your fans and readers to form a sense of community and drive your online book sales.” –

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January 6, 2007 @ 10:39 pm

What a wonderful site filled with beautiful artwork and great information. Thank you.

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