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By heather at 9:41 pm on Saturday, November 4, 2006

In my search for more green solutions in my illustration business, I’ve replaced the cleaners in my studio with Earth Choice. I now happily use biodegradable dish soap to clean my paintbrushes, and low sodium (0.1%) all-purpose-spray for removing painting residue from my pallet, cutting boards, and light table knowing my obsession with being clean isn’t hurting the environment with unecessary chemicals! Australian owned & made, I give these products a green thumbs up!

The more is better mentality is destroying the delicate balance of Earth’s ecology.
In the Supermarket Industry the amount of “Actives” (Active washing matter) in a product is commonly measured as a means to assess the quality of a cleaning product - the higher the percentage, the higher the perceived quality. We have demonstrated that is not the amount, but in fact it is the way in which these “Actives” are combined that demonstrates how efficient they become at cleaning. Overly aggressive products fill the supermarket shelves. This “more is better” syndrome must change if we are to make any headway as a society towards the challenge of achieving realistic sustainable development.

“Endless Bottle” Recycling.
Earth Choice became the first to install a state of the art AOKI “PET” bottle manufacturing plant to produce the first Australian PET bottle in Household Cleaning products. Today the bottle moulding machines have been adapted to utilise Post Consumer Recycled PET (soft drink bottles) therefore achieving the “Endless Bottle” concept. The lightweight ergonomic and compact shaped bottle requires no handles minimising the use of plastic. The bottle shape enables more units to be packed onto a pallet therefore reducing the use of non renewable resources while cutting transport emissions and transport costs by up to 25% due to the simple reduction in bottle space. Natures Organics

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