Why Cold Calling is Not So Bad (Really)

By heather at 1:37 am on Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who says that illustrators are hermits who huddle in their attic laboring over their artwork in their solitude? Break free of the stereo-type by making contact with the outside world! ‘Cold calling is not a random act‘ is the tip that is key to making this cold call NOT a cold call. I don’t ‘just’ call up someone I want to work with… generally I research their company, write a coverletter expressing my interest, send them sample of my artwork, and a couple weeks later phone up and ask to speak to the person I sent it to. That right away gives you something to chat about… and is anything but random! It’s still scary as hell phoning someone you’ve never spoken to before, but it shows you’ve got guts, puts a voice to your artwork, (makes them pull it out of the trash bin to find it while they’re on the phone with you!) and shows that you are able to communicate clearly in a friendly manner. The nice thing about this is you’re seeing if your work is a good ‘fit’ for the company… not asking for a job! It might be a couple years down the track that they have a project for you, but if you keep a repor with the person you contacted, you’re building a relationship that might turn into something longlasting.
Aside from being a great way meet interesting people and promote your illustration, you also get to excercise your vocal chords in a way other than talking to yourself while you paint.

  1. 1. “Identify your prospects. Cold calling is not a random act.”
  2. 2. “Have a script ready.”
  3. 3. “Be ready to handle objections and questions. It’s a conversation, after all…”
  4. 4. “Don’t try to sell.”
  5. 5. “Don’t take it personally.”
  6. 6. “Practice makes perfect.”
  7. 7. “Know your goal.”

(Tips by Eric J. Adams at Creativepro.com)

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