Seasonal Greeting Card Tips : New Years

By heather at 11:06 pm on Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Date : Dec 31 - Jan 1
Publishers start thinking about designs : June


New Year’s is the world’s oldest and most widely observed holiday. Evidence of New Year’s gifts and messages has been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to the 6th century B.C. Early Romans are also known to have exchanged gifts symbolizing good will, including pictures on terra cotta tablets accompanied by inscriptions wishing a happy and prosperous New Year.

The earliest known holiday greeting cards appeared around 1450 in Germany. Cards from woodcuts were the most prevalent, and often involved the Christ Child bearing good wishes for an auspicious New Year.

By 1770, greeting cards had evolved from woodcuts to finely printed messages, and engravers and printers supplied continental Europe with vast quantities of New Year’s cards. In modern times, the New Year holiday has become an integral part of the holiday season, and New Year’s cards are a popular expression of hope for the future, used by businesses and individuals alike.
– Greeting Card Association

Icons :

  • balloons
  • champagne flutes
  • party hats
  • streamers
  • top hats

Colors :
bright, celebratory
Fonts : celebratory
Flowers :

  • Bryony: Prosperity.
  • Camellia: My destiny is in your hands; Gratitude; Admiration; Perfection; Good Luck; Gift to a Man.
  • Celandine: Joys to come.
  • Corn Blossom: Riches.
  • Cornel (dogwood): Success crowned you.
  • Kingcup (Marsh Marigold): Riches.
  • Poppy (yellow): Wealth; Success..
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